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Django Unchained

A generally enjoyable film that fails to kick on after a rollicking first half. Spoiler: Quentin Tarrantino should never, ever speak in an Australian accent ever again.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Mamma Mia, the accents are just one of the awful things about this terrible adaptation of a modern classic.

Les Misérables

Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the hit stage play is seemless and Anne Hathaway and company deserve the awards they’ll get.


The performances of Billy Connolly, Maggie Smith and company make this simple but entertaining Dustin Hoffman-driven comedy drama a success.


Robert Connelly does a great job to get the feel of the time across in this nicely low budget, understated thriller set during Indonesia’s controversial invasion of East Timor.


Stormland is a decent recession era tragicomedy from Iceland. Watch for lashings of bleak landscapes, one of the best characters to come out of Northern Europe and a horse called Nietzsche.

War Witch

A touching portrayal of one 14-year-old girl’s journey through a civil war in Sub-Saharan. War Witch has a subtly told, engaging story that needs no melodrama to get it’s point across.

Seven Psychopaths

A wonderfuly dark and ridiculous comedy that gives us a slightly different kind of thriller. Sam Rockwell puts in a stellar performance and Colin Farrell stars in his third decent film ever. I’m stoked for the lad.

Death of a Man in the Balkans

A good idea with great characters that’s not quite got enough mileage in it to stop you from getting bored. Interestingly, it’s seems much more of a chore to watch at the beginning than at the end.


Gareth Edwards has created an understated and enjoyable sci-fi movie that doesn’t feel the need to pander to the staples of the aliens-on-earth-genre. Strangely, a film that’s more about people than monsters. Deep, man, deep.