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The Cabin in the Woods

A satirical take on the modern horror film that will save this from the bargain and make you laugh.


Robert Connelly does a great job to get the feel of the time across in this nicely low budget, understated thriller set during Indonesia’s controversial invasion of East Timor.

Death Note

Get past the weird stuff and you’ve got an interesting thriller from Japan.

Alex Cross

Morgan Freeman is just one thing of many that this amateurish thriller needs to be in any way engaging. Poor.


Craig and Mendes put in an above average turn in the Bond series. Some great action sequences sit uneasily next to some extremely mediocre ones but the story and the fascinating bunch of characters keep things interesting.


Gareth Edwards has created an understated and enjoyable sci-fi movie that doesn’t feel the need to pander to the staples of the aliens-on-earth-genre. Strangely, a film that’s more about people than monsters. Deep, man, deep.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

A pointless remake that’s ruined by trying to bring it up to date. At least Keanu Reeves found his perfect role as a man with no personality.

Shadow Dancer

A nicely low-key take on an interesting point in the Northern Ireland situation that engages but doesn’t quite push the envelope when it should.

The Silent House

An ambitious Uruguayan horror with a climax that rivals ‘it was all a dream’ as the mother of all endings.

The Sweeney

More Hot Fuzz than credible cop thriller, The Sweeney is a long list of missed opportunities. If you desperately want to watch cops behaving badly, tune into the classic TV show on UK Gold instead.