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Category Archives: Crime

Death Note

Get past the weird stuff and you’ve got an interesting thriller from Japan.

Alex Cross

Morgan Freeman is just one thing of many that this amateurish thriller needs to be in any way engaging. Poor.

Seven Psychopaths

A wonderfuly dark and ridiculous comedy that gives us a slightly different kind of thriller. Sam Rockwell puts in a stellar performance and Colin Farrell stars in his third decent film ever. I’m stoked for the lad.


Craig and Mendes put in an above average turn in the Bond series. Some great action sequences sit uneasily next to some extremely mediocre ones but the story and the fascinating bunch of characters keep things interesting.

The Sweeney

More Hot Fuzz than credible cop thriller, The Sweeney is a long list of missed opportunities. If you desperately want to watch cops behaving badly, tune into the classic TV show on UK Gold instead.

Cell 211

A gripping prison drama with a slew of twists from Spain that has it’s flaws but remains well worth a watch nonetheless.

The Dark Knight Rises

Certainly a great action spectacle but this time it’s a slightly flawed cinematic event from Christopher Nolan.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Defying the laws of the threequel Die Hard: With A Vengeance is an original and enjoyable action thriller that may have even come close to the original. Yipee-kay-8-out-of-ten.


A subtle look at the psychological nuances of teenage bullies in Sweden. Fascinating watching.

Easy Rider

The original road trip movie has excellent cinematography, a thumping sountrack and three great characters. Good film if you weren’t there, awesome film if you were.