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Red does all the things an action movie should do, and it proves you don’t need hot young stars to blow things up.

The American

All the pieces are here to make a good movie, but The American lacks any real entertainment value.


Danny Trejo finally has a starring vehicle, and it’s a beautiful mess of blood, action, hot girls, and fun that never slows down long enough to lose its way.

The Last Exorcism

Not necessarily SCARY horror, The Last Exorcism is more subtle and character-driven than you might think, which is a good thing, but it loses its way and squanders its potential.

Shrek Forever After

All in all, it’s a good film, not a great one, but one that ends the series well, and one that the kids will love.

Just Wright

Queen Latifah and Common’s chemistry, and the sheer power of the personality of the Queen herself, give this forgettable romantic comedy a little boost.


This movie proves that all around the world, whether in a high rise in Tokyo or a hut in Namibia, adorable babies are all pretty much doing the same things, and it’s utterly fascinating.

The Perfect Game

Don’t run out and plunk down your hard-earned bucks for it, but if you want a pleasantly forgettable afternoon of harmless, melodramatic sweetness, go to a matinee with the family.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Remakes aren’t always a bad thing, but the lack of charisma from the leads and the script that feels like it was written by six different people who never met converged to make this a mostly bad thing with a few good bits.

The Back-up Plan

Jennifer Lopez is acceptable, and there are a few good laughs, but overall a bland and forgettable romantic comedy.