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Author Archives: Amber Goddard


Red does all the things an action movie should do, and it proves you don’t need hot young stars to blow things up.


Not a bad little movie, even without the Shyamalan directing it feels like he was all over it, but it was probably better in its short story form.

The American

All the pieces are here to make a good movie, but The American lacks any real entertainment value.


Danny Trejo finally has a starring vehicle, and it’s a beautiful mess of blood, action, hot girls, and fun that never slows down long enough to lose its way.

The Last Exorcism

Not necessarily SCARY horror, The Last Exorcism is more subtle and character-driven than you might think, which is a good thing, but it loses its way and squanders its potential.


There’s really nothing here to like, and for all its stars and all its ambition, it’s pretty much just dull.

Despicable Me

Funny, sweet, but still a little dark, kids and parents should have a blast with Gru and those Twinkie-lookalike minions.

Youth in Revolt

Probably better now as a rental than if you had paid to see it in a theater, Michael Cera fans will love it, while fans of anyone else in the film will feel a little cheated.

Grown Ups

One of those mildly funny summer movies that will soon be forgotten, Grown Ups will appeal to the people who grew up with these guys on SNL.

The Last Airbender

The worst part of this overdone snooze fest is that it’s all a set-up for another movie.