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X-Men (2000)

X-Men: 1.5 (DVD Title)

Movie adaptation of the cult comicbook

Rating: 8/10

Running Time: 104 minutes

UK Certificate: 15


Those unfamiliar with Marvel comic mainstays X-Men” might require a brief explanation of what this is all about. Mutants walk among us – I know I’ve certainly met a few – and, in the “not too distant future”, there’s trouble a-brewing between these super-evolved types and Joe Public.

As is traditional among us narrow-minded humans, anyone “different” sooner or later becomes an outcast from society. In the case of the mutants (whose extra-ordinary powers tend to make them a dead giveaway), shelter and understanding awaits at a safe countryside haven set up by wheelchair-bound psychic Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

This movie adaptation of the cult comicbook tells us the story of how Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), a wandering deviant with bouffant hair and exceptionally sharp fingernails, ends up joining Xavier in his attempts to stop arch-baddie Magneto (Ian McKellen) from following through a dastardly plot to turn all of mankind into fellow mutants. Fortunately, here to help are telepathic doc Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), the laser-eyed Cyclops (James Marsden) and weatherman’s nightmare Storm (an under-used Halle Berry). But our group of heroes need to be on their toes to fight off Magneto’s henchmen, comprising of sticky-tongued lizard-man Toad (Ray Park), slinky shape-shifter Mystique (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos), and roaring Meatloaf look-a-like Sabretooth (Tyler Mane).

Thankfully, there’s not the slightest hint of camp about the whole thing, and it has much more in common with the “Batman” than the “Superman” movies. Unlike so many of today’s other big-budget sci-fi flicks, the impressive special effects aren’t so OTT that they detract from the actors and, more importantly, the storyline. It’s sheer entertainment from start to finish, and you can’t help but get the feeling that there’s much more to come from these characters – which is probably why the sequel’s already on its way.”

It's Got: Not the greatest script in the world, but a fine cast, great characters and a hugely enjoyable storyline.

It Needs: To make better use of Halle Berry’s potential as Storm – she’s effectively little more than a bit-part player.

DVD Extras The 1.5 x-treme edition is packed with various different versions of the movie, plus the usual array of "making of" documentaries and a sneak peak at the forthcoming "X-Men 2". DVD Extras Rating: 9/10


A terrific ride – why wasn’t an X-Men movie made sooner?