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2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Start your engines

Rating: 4/10

Running Time: 103 minutes

UK Certificate: 12A

It's a good job the cars in “2 Fast 2 Furious” are so nice to look at, because this sequel to “The Fast and the Furious” has little else going for it. Apart from the absence of the inherently rubbish Vin Diesel, that is.

Super-wooden Paul Walker returns as speed-limit-smashing Brian O'Connor. He's no longer a cop but, for the purposes of the flimsy and at times superfluous plot, has been roped into helping the Feds catch a money-laundering meanie called Carter Verone (Cole Hauser). For some reason he's allowed to let one of his mates tag along, which is where mono-named Tyrese comes in as Roman Pearce.

Of course the storyline's all just a means by which various monotonous car-racing scenes can be linked together. From an opening street race which seems to last forever and a day, to the climactic pursuit through the highways and byways of Miami, it's all basically one big car-lovers' gawp-fest. For those of us out there who don't possess more back issues of “What Car?” magazine than Alan Partridge, there's precious little to get onto the edge of the seat about.

Latino hotty Eva Mendes is thrown into the mix, presumably for love interest purposes, though strangely has little serious involvement with either of our two main characters. A more perceptive movie-goer than myself may even be tempted to suggest O'Connor and Pearce are far more interested in gazing into each other's eyes than those of any passing lady – but we'll leave that argument well alone.

Director John Singleton struggles to get to grips with the middle-ranking acting and diabolical script put in front of him, and goes overboard on the stylistic camera zooms through flourescently-lit car innards. It makes for uncomfortable viewing and an overall sense that, whilst both fast and furious, this movie is also more than a tad desperate in its attempts to substitute substance for flashiness.

It's Got: A slightly disturbing scene involving a rat, a bucket, a blow-torch and a fat man’s belly.

It Needs: To accompany the cars with some decent dialogue, reasonable acting and a logical plot.


Car fanatics will love gazing at those automobiles burning rubber, but unfortunately there’s little else happening. It’s just 2 mediocre.