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Author Archives: Gary Panton


Dreamworks’ quest to find a non-‘Shrek’ vehicle capable of matching Pixar continues – but ‘Madagascar’ makes for a nice distraction in the meantime.

Kicking & Screaming

It takes a great display from Will Ferrell to rescue this well-meaning but uninspired football-flick. It’s a save any great goalkeeper would be proud of.

Mar adentro

This Spanish melodrama makes a very valid point, but it’s wrapped up inside some distinctly unimaginative film-making.

Wedding Crashers

This wonderful buddy-com has a great heart and an even better funny bone. Easily the best comedy of 2005 so far.


A punchy, cleverly-written girlie gambol with a heart of gold and a cast primed and ready for the big time.


David Cronenberg’s delve into a grimy video game world has lots of plus points, but isn’t quite as good as it should be. Stick to ‘Super Mario’.

Rock 'n' Roll High School

There’s something distinctly non-rock-n-roll about any movie trying this hard to sell us a product. Since when was shameless commercialism part of the punk ethos?

Anatomy of a Murder

James Stewart delivers one of his finest displays in this hard-bitten courtroom pot-boiler – with or without the approval of his dear old dad.

Batman & Robin

The worst superhero movie ever made? Sitting through this heap of poopsy will drive you batty.

Coyote Ugly

You know the sort of film that’s so bad you’ll chew your own arm off just to get away from it? That’s ‘Coyote Ugly’.