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PR Info

Publicising Your Film On Movie Gazette

We frequently struggle to find basic information about films which we want to list on the site.

Please help us to help you publicise your film by making the basic information we, and other web sites, need readily available. While other sites requirements will differ we collect and store the following:-

  • Film title (and alternative titles)
  • Taglines
  • Names of principal cast members
  • Director’s name
  • Running time
  • Links to:
    • IMDb page
    • Official Site
    • Trailers (we will list Windows Media and Quicktime trailer urls where available)
  • Classification (both the UK BBFC and US MPAA rating)
  • Synopsis (if we are awaiting a review)
  • Details of extras included on DVDs.
  • Images, ideally we like to have reasonably high resolution images to work with, so they can be resized to width 600px/800px portrait/landscape and compressed. We like to have:
    • Posters/DVD Cover Art
    • Stills
  • Release dates
    • Original release date and, if different
    • US release dates
    • UK release dates

In general, our primary source for this information is the IMDb, but if you are responsible for publicising a film and want to ensure that the information we have is correct, then please send it to us direct at

In closing, we are often disappointed by the low quality of official film web sites. All too often it is obvious that great expense and effort has been put into building a site which is flashy (usually a poorly thought out and executed implementation of Macromedia Flash), slow to load and provides little or no worthwhile, useful or usable information, either for us or for the public. We would cite as examples of good practice Wellspring and both the Sony Classics site and it’s accompanying press site. These sites are quick to load, easy to find your way round and provide high quality text and graphical information.

Hosting Your Official Site With Movie Gazette

We do come across films which are not served by an official site. We appreciate that for independent producers who do not have access to the IT and web design resources of a major studio it can be difficult getting a site set up – or sometimes the budget has already been eaten up on just getting the film made.

A film which is not publicised on the Internet is missing out on a highly effective and low cost way to reach potential cinema goers. We currently have:-

  • spare capacity on one of our servers
  • we either have already at our disposal or can quickly arrange all the facilities and services necessary to get your official site live
  • can tailor solutions to any budget.

If you are interested in knowing more, drop us a line at