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Lauras Stern (2004)

Lauras Star

True friendship can lead to the most magical adventures

Rating: 4/10

Running Time: 80 minutes

UK Certificate: U

Would you make friends with a star? I mean an actual star. Not a celebrity, but a scorching mass of light-emitting interstellar gas. Yes – that sort of star. Well, would you? Of course not, because – as far as most of us are concerned – the sheer logistics of such a “friendship” just don’t bear thinking about.

Such common sense is a million miles from the thoughts of seven-year-old Laura, however, when she sees just such a star plummeting from the night sky. It’s a welcome break from the norm for our lead sprog, who’s having a pretty miserable time of it after being moved out of her cherished countryside home to live in a top-floor apartment in the big city. So she hurries downstairs, finds the star in question, and uses rudimentary First Aid to nurse the pointy little fellah back to health.

Before long, the pair have become the best of buddies – but, as predicted, they’re not exactly perfectly suited to each other. For one thing, the star cannot survive if it remains on Earth, and for another, Laura risks having her entire face scorched off with every passing second she spends in its company. Told you it would never work. Stars do NOT make suitable friends, kids.

Based on the kiddies’ book by Klaus Baumgart and brought to the screen by the German uber-animators behind The Little Polar Bear, ‘Laura’s Star’ arrives on UK screens with English dialogue tenuously-dubbed over the top of the original version. It features a polished soundtrack by Nick Glennie-Smith and the ever-prolific Hans Zimmer, and the colourful characters and backgrounds make for pleasant viewing – but “pleasant” is really all this film is. And, in fairness, if you’re a seven-year-old girlie then that might be all you’re looking for – but everyone else in the family should be prepared for a less-than-exhilarating 80 minutes.

It's Got: The sort of new friend you’d never find via a personal ad.

It Needs: Protective clothing – okay, so it’s not what all the “stars” are wearing at the moment, but it is what Laura might need!


Not only is your average star far too large to fit inside a family home, but the owner risks being blinded, burned, and sucked into its gravitational pull, never to be found again. But if that sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship to you, then by all means give ‘Laura’s Star’ a whirl.