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Cats & Dogs (2001)

Defeating the feline conspiracy and saving humans from cats is now in the paws of a little beagle puppy

Rating: 7/10

Running Time: 84 minutes

UK Certificate: PG


Jeff Goldblum plays Professor Dad Brody, a scientist who is working on creating a vaccine that will eliminate the problem of dog hair allergies. Mr Tinkles (Sean Hayes), an evil and ruthless white longhaired cat, is determined to stop him with the help of his feline followers. The cat's ambition is to obtain the vaccine, analyse it, and then modify it into a means of making all the world's humans violently allergic to dogs, thus swinging the balance of power in the direction of cats and eliminating dogs altogether.

In the meantime, the Brody family have obtained a new beagle puppy called Lou (Toby Maguire). Dog Headquarters had been trying to manipulate events so that one of their own agents could be inserted into the family in order to protect the vaccine, but Lou was chosen through circumstance. Just a youngster, he had no idea that there were canine agents constantly working to protect humans from the feline conspiracy. Now he finds himself having to work with some of the top canine agents to protect his family and keep the cats from getting their paws on the vaccine.

This is a fun movie, full of action and humour. The talking cats and dogs are extremely well done, and the film looks great in terms of all the effects used. The plot is predictable to a degree, in the same way that James Bond plots are predictable – the audience knows how it is likely to end, they just don't always know how it is going to get there. The animals are appealing and given plenty of character – they are very much the stars of this show.

Also features the voices of Jon Lovitz, Susan Sarandon and Charlton Heston.

It's Got: Plenty of action and comedy.

It Needs: More depth and plot surprises.

DVD Extras A substantial collection of extras on this single-disc release. Extras: Commentary with director Lawrence Guterman, producer Chris Defaria, production designer James Bissell and actor Sean Hayes, Two documentaries, Storyboard comparisons, Trailer, Hidden features. DVD-ROM Extras: Director’s alternative ending, Create secret identities for pets, Gallery, Screensavers and wallpaper, Web links. DVD Extras Rating: 7/10


A fine fun family movie that will entertain parents and children alike – a kind of James Bond for animal lovers.