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Author Archives: Andrea Chee

Dances With Wolves

This is a fine film, beautifully made, with great attention to detail. One of the outstanding films of the late 20th century, everyone should see it and enjoy it.

Once Upon a Time in America

Director Sergio Leone's final outing is an epic masterpiece on a grand scale that gets just about everything right.


Decent thriller with some fabulous cinematography and lots of action.

Life or Something Like It

Cheerful but predictable comedy romance that successfully fills a couple of hours but makes little impact.

Once Were Warriors

Outstanding New Zealand film that explores modern Maori life with great sympathy and in fine style. Gripping and highly recommended.

Mr Deeds

This film fails to generate more than a few giggles, and it isn’t a patch on the Capra original.


Cheap and cheerful, but has been done better. If given the choice, see 'Signs' instead.

Bronx Warriors

Dated cult low-budgeter that nonetheless still has something to offer to fans of the genre.

Bull Durham

A fine appealing romantic comedy with much to recommend it, although it does seem a little dated in parts.

Anita & Me

Another entry into the growing stable of respected British Asian comedies, this one providing a nostalgic look at life in the 1970s while shedding some light on the present.