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Chicago (2002)

Breathtaking Crime Jazz Musical

Rating: 9/10

Running Time: 113 minutes

UK Certificate: 12a

Scandal in 1920s Chicago as wanna-be stage performer Roxanne 'Roxie' Hart (Zellweger) shoots her lowlife boyfriend after he confesses he was just using her for sex (but aren't they all?).

Awaiting sentence, the naive Roxie meets ruthless Velma Kelly (Zeta-Jones), in prison for the murder of her husband and sister who were also caught in delicto flagrante by Velma.

Both come under the impeccable care of Billy Flynn (Gere) a top notch and limelight stealing lawyer who has never lost a case. Both girls face hanging, but can Flynn get them both off the hook, while making himself look as good as possible?

Also starring as prison warden Matron 'Mama' Morton (Queen Latifah) who helps her girls, for the 'right' price.

The film itself explodes into colour and life at every opportunity with some excellent jazz renditions. A cross between Cabaret and Moulin Rouge, the sets are magnificent, the lighting atmospheric. The dance routines are great and the songs extremely clever.

Every character bursts into song at the drop of a hat. Clever lyrics mimic their real life actions. Zellweger carries off the seemingly innocent (yet highly devious) Roxie with class and Zeta-Jones is highly sexy and looks great in her varied numbers. Even Gere as the shark Flynn uncharacteristically comes out of his shell for a couple of songs, and even a tap routine.

Look out for 'He had it Coming' – without a doubt the best song of the musical.

It's Got: Some breathtaking jazz/dance numbers. A great score, amazing sets and costumes

It Needs: A sequel NOW.


Breathtaking. Sexy, conniving, devious, flamboyant, if you like musicals, you’ll love Chicago.