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Heaven (2002)

When you take justice into your own hands, what are the consequences?


Alberto Di Stasio

Alessandro Sperduti

Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett

Fausto Lombardi

Gianfranco Barra

Giorgia Coppa

Giovanni RibisiGiovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Vettorazzo

Mattia Sbragia

Mauro Marino

Remo Girone

Stefania Orsola Garello

Stefania Rocca

Stefano Santospago

Vincent Riotta

Directed by:

Tom Tykwer

Rating: 1/10

US Certificate: R UK Certificate: 15


Tom Tyker’s Heaven is one of those movies that isn’t afraid to ask the big questions. The million dollar one here is: Have you ever fallen so in love with a woman at first sight that you’ve wet the bed? That’s just what young police officer/interpreter Filippo (Ribisi) does when he meets Philippa (Blanchett) – a young schoolteacher who takes one for the team when she tries to bump off a crack dealer but inadvertently kills a cleaner and a child. He’s proud of it too as he tells his policeman Father (Girone). Now, I’m a bit disturbed because I don’t think I could ever have been in love as I’ve only ever pissed the bed when I was a four year old or when I’ve been blind drunk.

That whole episode got me and Heaven off on the wrong foot and it doesn’t get any better. As Heaven bundles it’s way through a jailbreak and a lovebird’s escape into admittedly beautiful Italian countryside, Blanchett and Ribisi show absolutely no screen chemistry as they share long apparently meaningful silences and fail to interest us in anyway. Ribisi is just not a romantic lead. I have nothing against people with learning difficulties getting that loving feeling but I just don’t think they should have a shot at Cate Blanchett. Excuse me? You say Ribisi doesn’t have learning difficulties? Well, blow me.

And then there is the ludicrous climax that I better not spoil. The trailers and synopses may try and kid you that this has a major element of a thriller in it but it really doesn’t. Not since The Notebook have I watched something so cringingly and pretentiously trying to cover the ‘love conquers all’ market. Barf.

It's Got: Blanchett with a shaved head (still would), worst onscreen pairing I've ever seen, some nice scenery

It Needs: To not try and convince us that wetting the bed is a romantic act.

DVD Extras Optional commentary by director Tom Tykwer, 'Space Cam Fly-By', Go behind the scenes as the filmmakers explain the overhead shots, Five deleted scenes with optional director commentary, 'The Story of Heaven' Featurette - too much bleating on about how deep this is DVD Extras Rating: 5/10


Babel, Heaven, The Best of Youth, The Notebook


This unforgivably bad romantic ‘thriller’ gives a new meaning to waking up in a warm pool of your own urine.

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