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The Big Bang Theory Season 4 (2007)

When beauty meets the brains.

Rating: 9/10

I probably should start by confessing that we are *big* Big Bang Theory fans here at the home of TV on Movie Gazette, and as such this won’t be an unbiased review.

There. That’s that bit out of the way.

So, season 4. It barely seems a couple of nights since the end of season 3, but that could be because we’ve been watching it over from the start since the season ended. Ahem. Did I mention that we are fans?

I’d say I don’t know what it is we like, but I’d be lying. There’s much about Sheldon that reminds us of a member of the family here at home. And for my part, I love watching Johnny Galecki – I remember watching him growing up in Roseanne. It’s a real bonus when we get to see other comic actors from the series too – I’m really hoping that Sara Gilbert will crop up again and the episodes starring Laurie Metcalf as Sheldon’s born again Christian mother are my absolute favourites.

Series 4 starts with a real twist – Sheldon has a girl friend. As previously discussed no one knew quite what his deal was – it appears that Amy Farrah Fowler as played by Mayim Bialik (previously seen in Blossom) is it. But it takes a little help from his mother to keep things running smoothly…

Although I was very pleased to see Laurie Metcalf again, I was a little surprised by the premise that had Sheldon acquiring cats. In a previous episode we’d been told he had allergies. I do have some problems with the lack of consistency around the characterisation (there have been debates as to whether various actions would have occurred), though in this instance it’s probably worth coping with the possible contradiction in order to have the end results.

All in all, from my point of view, Big Bang is going from strength to strength. It’s a real ensemble comedy, and I love the way focus shifts from character to character and how the pairings between the various cast members shift from time to time. It’s kind of like Friends but about geeks, for geeks. And this geek loves it.

It's Got: Geeks with girlfriends who are sometimes geeks themselves.

It Needs: More Leslie Winkle


Kind of like Friends but about geeks, for geeks.