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Oscar-nominated Lethal Weapon – the original buddy cop film franchise and one of the most iconic film series of all time – explodes on to Blu-ray on November 15th in an action-packed line-up featuring all four films for the first time ever.

Starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, and directed by the dynamic Richard Donner, the genre-defining franchise was a phenomenal success with each instalment achieving greater box office sales than the last – attracting a mass following of die-hard fans from the release of Lethal Weapon in 1987.

Today, the series still packs a pulse-throbbing punch and has become a much-loved classic amongst action and comedy fans. The new box set is sure to hit the spot for movie-lovers of any generation, with all four explosive films available on razor sharp, bulletproof Blu-ray for the first time, bundled with a muscle-bulging range of extra content to give even the most resolute fans something they’ve never seen before.

The Lethal Weapon Collection charts the daily dramas of LA cop Martin Riggs (Gibson), a recent widower and loose cannon with a death wish. His defiance makes him indispensable in collaring dangerous criminals, but a liability to any potential partners. Enter Roger Murtaugh (Glover), a conservative family man who wants to stay alive for his upcoming 50th birthday who, unfortunately for him, is partnered with the frivolous Riggs. As Riggs gets to know Murtaugh and his family, he begins to mellow, though his insistence on using guerrilla tactics to catch criminals is still, to put it mildly, above and beyond the call of duty…

The Lethal Weapon Collection features an all-star guest cast across the four legendary films, from Rene Russo and Patsy Kensit to Joe Pesci and Chris Rock, as well as the unforgettable music by renowned artist Eric Clapton. On top of an impressive cast, flawless script and gripping action scenes, the Lethal Weapon series spawned some of the greatest and best-remembered one-liners of all time.

Available as a collection in high-definition for the first time, every punch, kick and bullet across the four films will look tougher than ever and each explosion more realistic as you’re drawn dangerously close to the action-packed plot like never before. Not only will fans love the Blu-ray transfer, but they’ll be treated to a huge range of extra content, including a never before seen documentary ‘Psycho Pension: The Genesis of Lethal Weapon and the Hollywood Monster It Created’ which takes an in-depth look behind the scenes at one of the most enduring and best loved action franchises ever.

Claim your piece of the action with the Lethal Weapon Collection, out now. To whet your appetite you can watch this exclusive clip

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