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The Mechanic (2011)

Someone has to fix the problems

Rating: 7/10

Running Time: 92 minutes

US Certificate: R UK Certificate: 15

The Mechanic – much like Taxi Driver and The Postman – does little to give away what the movie is actually about. Is it about one man’s struggle to change a gear box? No, it’s the most generic Jason Statham film you could imagine.  The Statham is almost becoming a genre in itself.

The Mechanic is about secretive, ultra-efficient contract killer Arthur Bishop (Statham) who is hired to kill his mentor (Sutherland), goes through with it and blames car-jackers for the deed. When his mentor’s son Steve (Foster) comes to him wanting vengeance on the alleged killers, he takes him under his wing teaching him the tricks of the trade. Things start to get out of control with Bishop’s boss (Goldwyn) as they find out that they have been used and the duo must kill him before they themselves are taken out.

Statham’s character is about as familiar as the air we breathe; he’s got an OCD approach to killing, is a bit of a loner, occasional prostitute user and listens to classical music which makes him a little unconventional. Familiarity can breed contempt which admittedly I was full of when watching the trailers but The Mechanic really is rescued by a simple entertainment value that keeps you hooked. The story moves along at a good pace and doesn’t dawdle on unnecessarily prolonged action sequences and there are a few plot twists and turns as we go. Statham is pretty likeable as an action hero as he talks a little more than the usual ilk, with the pre-requisite quasi-American accent, and is certainly the ladies’ choice. Charles Bronson wouldn’t be displeased with the results of this ‘re-imagining’ of his 1972 effort.

It's Got: Quality lines like 'I'm going to put a bounty on your head so large that when you look in a mirror, your reflection will want to shoot you in the face', good mix of action and plot, Jason Statham

It Needs: Something a little unfamiliar.


A typical Jason Statham vehicle that delivers on action, plot and, most importantly, entertainment. Not a classic but a decent watch nonetheless.