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Just Go With It (2011)

Sometime you need a girl, to get the girl.

Directed by:

Dennis Dugan

Rating: 1/10

US Certificate: PG-13 UK Certificate: 12

The silly intern who did the casting for Just Go With It should be fired for plumping for one actress who has never starred in a single good film and an actor/’comedian’ who has created his own entire genre of the lowest-denominator humour. Looks pretty grim before you even come to the plot of this unfunny and obnoxious romantic comedy.

Crime against comedy Adam Sandler plays plastic surgeon Danny, who incomprehensibly likes to snare beautiful women by pretending he is married. When on a weekend break in Hawaii, the monster in question carelessly uses this ruse on the girl of his dreams (Decker) and then enlists his Personal Assistant (Aniston – pretty but consistently annoying) to pretend to be his soon-to-be-divorced wife. Things soon tumble out of control as he has to invest the help of a fake son and daughter (Madison and Gluck – comprehensively out-acting Sandler and Aniston).

Just Go With It is filled with tired, recycled slapstick including classics like objects in the groin and falling over. The ‘banter’ between Danny and Katherine is never actually funny and all the best bits are in the trailers – which says a lot as the trailers look awful. One of the staples of an Adam Sandler movie nowadays is that somehow he always seems to get his mates a free holidays to some sunny destination and this is no exception, adding to the frustration factor of the viewer.  There really is nothing to recommend with this unfunny comedy that turns out as bad as it looks on paper. Look up 1969’s Cactus Flower of the same kind of thing done much better.

It's Got: Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler having a better time than we are, Nicole Kidman???

It Needs: Some laughs, a tropical storm, an outbreak of dengue fever


Adam Sandler + Jennifer Aniston = The square root of awful.

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