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South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)

Uh oh.

Rating: 8/10

UK Certificate: 15


A film based on the rude and crude animated series South Park can’t be any good, right? Fortunately, the makers behind the often misunderstood series proved Conservative America right by entertaining us with a musical, satirical, animated blast on the big screen.

When four young boys from Denver, Colorado – Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny – watch a Canadian R-rated movie starring Canadian comedy duo Terrence and Phillip they inadvertently start World War Three. Terrence and Phillip are captured by the Americans and sentenced to death after the parents of America rise up against the corruption of their youth and this increases tensions between the two countries until all-out war breaks out with the inclusion of Satan and his gay lover Saddam Hussein.

Obviously, this is as offensive as they come with jokes ranging from the xenophobic to the homophobic but with always a sense of clever irony and subtle message about life and the world that just about saves it from the censors. However, South Park: BL&U also has a softer side. Surprisingly, the soundtrack is truly a wonder to behold with a variety of topics being  and Blame Canada stands out as a masterpiece that was rightly nominated for an Oscar. After the film, South Park seemed to go from strength to strength and Parker and Stone developed a confidence to push the satirical message a lot more to evolve it from a mere adult cartoon to a satirical outlook on life today.

It's Got: Amazing music, witty satire, a mental plot

It Needs: For people will come to this with an open mind

DVD Extras Unfortunately just a few teaser trailers, not even a Making Of featurette. DVD Extras Rating: 2/10


Give this glorious animated musical a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.