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Tadpole (2002)

Oscar is 15 years old, likes deep philosophical conversations....and older women.

Rating: 7/10

Running Time: 78 minutes

UK Certificate: 15

Oscar Grubman (Aaron Stanford) is 15 years old, but with a mental age of 50. He is fluent in French; likes deep philosophical conversations; and older women. Oscar falls in love with his stepmother Eve, played by Sigourney Weaver. He thinks that his Dad does not pay as much attention to her as he should; and Oscar, believing that he can offer Eve much more than his father, sets about trying to claim her for himself.

The only person Oscar tells of his love for Eve, is his best friend, who tries to advise him against his pursuit. But Oscar feels Eve has a gap in her life, and he is the person to fill it. Oscar's plans, however, take an almost ridiculous turn when he ends up being seduced by Eve's best friend Diane (Bebe Neuwirth), who boasts about her conquest to her friends. Oscar makes her promise not to tell Eve- a promise which leads to the most amusing scene in the film when they all go out for dinner together.

Sigourney Weaver gives an excellent performance embodying all the elegant qualities that Oscar is in search of. Oscar ultimately fails in his quest for Eve (after kissing her), and Eve is very responsible in her handling of the situation. Oscar is only 15, making what has happened already in the film illegal; but "Tadpole" does tackle this issue responsibly enough even with it's high comedy values and the fact that it never questions the morality of Diane's actions. But as the film says itself in one of it's funniest lines- "We aren't talking The Graduate here".

It's Got: Some very witty and funny moments.

It Needs: Greater insight into Oscars Dads character.


A good escapist film to pass the time.