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The Hunger (1983)

Nothing Human Loves Forever

Rating: 7/10

Running Time: 97 minutes

US Certificate: R UK Certificate: 18


The latest cult classic that I’ve got round to watching at last is vampire flick The Hunger.

Mirian (Deneuve) is a Vampire who has existed for thousands of years by feeding on the blood of her seemingly willing lovers. In return, these walking takeaways do not die or age until Miriam has enough of them and then they rapidly deteriorate. This happens to the unfortunate John (Bowie) and within twenty-four hours he is desperately seeking the help of a famous quack Dr. Sarah Roberts (Sarrandon). At first she ignores him but then becomes curious and herself falls into Miriam’s web.

I quite like The Hunger because it has a certain charm about it. Yes, it is slightly pretentious but it’s a great mish-mash of styles as it starts off very very Eighties but soon we’re being treated to soothing classical tones as Miriam feasts on her lovers. There is also lots of symbolism, long shots and artsy cuts, some of which come off and some of which leave you stifling a chuckle. The make-up guys need a special thumbs up as do a beautiful-looking, okay-acting cast. Seen now it is definitely a victory of style over substance but back in the day it wasn’t received too well.

Tony Scott’s (debuting with this before other marmite classics like Top Gun and Man on Fire) effort is also pretty original and a pre-cursor to many that have come after it. It touches a few interesting subjects like the mindset of people dying who twenty-four hours before thought they were immortal and an obsession with longevity that seems to have parallels in the AIDS crisis of the time. Just a shame about the confusing, contradictory ending.

It's Got: An interesting style that you will love or hate, some interesting themes, the least subtle flirting ever seen

It Needs: A more ballsy ending, some stain remover to get that wine out

DVD Extras Just pretty interesting seperate commentaries from Sarrandon and Scott to talk about DVD Extras Rating: 5/10


Very stylish and with some things to think about too, Tony Scott’s debut is one of the best, most substantial vampire movies out there. Bar the messy ending, of course.