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The Devil Inside (2012)

No soul is safe.

Rating: 1/10

Running Time: 83 minutes

US Certificate: R UK Certificate: 15

Had got the heads up from virtually every movie critic in America but still I wasn’t prepared for how bad The Devil Inside would be. It’s not even so bad it’s good as by taking itself so seriously it falls into the plain abominable category, but what should we have expected from a Director with a limited and awful back catalogue and a truly made-for-TV cast?  It’s made all the more depressing that this will now be seen the world over.

The Devil Inside is another one of those faux found footage films and it follows Isabella (Andrade) whose mother (Crowley) apparently killed three people during her own exorcism. The daughter travels to Rome to visit her still-possessed mother and then attempts to exorcise her. First she needs a bit of practice so she follows Father Rawlings and Father Keane (Quarterman and Helmuth) around on a kind of exorcism internship.

So, what’s so bad about William Brent Bell’s horror yarn? Well, it has absolutely none of the tension, shocks or outright scares that the ad campaign promised, the acting is absolutely terrible, there is barely a shred of anything distinguishing it from any of the many other exorcism films out there, the overdone handheld camera aspect is so shaky it could give you seasickness, and finally, the story is not in any way engaging.

As a final final kick in the proverbials, the movie inexplicably and infuriatingly comes to a conclusion with a link, yes a link, to a website so you can get further information on the case, and doesn’t actually wrap things up in any way. They must have known that the only way people will watch this is by streaming it off the internet.

It's Got: No thrills or scares, an unengaging plot, terrible acting

It Needs: An ounce of originality, to have come out ten years ago to escape some of the backlash


This made-for-Bolivian TV faux found footage horror is about as scary as Bingo and original as white paint.