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Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Hasta la vista, baby

Rating: 9/10

Running Time: 137 minutes

UK Certificate: 15


Those terminators certainly are persistent. Almost a decade after failing to wipe out frizzy-haired waitress Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) by sending a seemingly unstoppable cyborg back in time to do the deed, those meddlesome machines are at it again.

With Sarah now locked in the loony bin, her transformation into a muscle-bound mentalist well underway, the target this time is John Connor himself (Edward Furlong). We learned from “The Terminator” that John is the street-smart freedom fighter destined to lead mankind to victory over the machines. What the original movie didn't teach us is that he's also a bit of a git.

So back from the future to kill him comes the shape-shifting T-1000, a super-advanced man-bot in the shape of Robert Patrick in a policeman's uniform. That leaves Arnold Schwarzenegger to turn protector, having been re-programmed to defend the young John from the T-1000 at all costs. And, yet again, he makes his entrance completely starkers. Well, it's not as if anyone's going to be brave enough to laugh at him, so he might as well have a bit of fun.

Though from the same director, and much of the same cast and writers, “Terminator 2” is a vastly different movie from the 1984 original. Apart from the obvious character changes (Hamilton is barely recognizable from the first time around and Arnie's turned into a good guy with a neat line in quips), this sequel is laced with dark humour. There's also a strong underlying message about the value of human life, to the extent that even the apparently emotionless Terminator appears to learn sensibility (“now I know why you cry”).

But it's the special effects that remain the most awe-inspiring aspect of the film. With a budget of over $90million, at the time of release it was the most expensive movie ever made – and it shows. Aside from the usual array of explosions, shoot-outs and high-speed chases, it's the liquid-metal transformations of the T-1000 that still impress the most.

It's Got: A Terminator who’s not quite caring and sharing, but he’s getting there. He’s even good with children! Well, sort of.

It Needs: Your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

DVD Extras Ultimate Edition DVD Deleted scenes, screenplay (574 pages), storyboards (over 700 scenes), trailers, audio commentary featuring 26 members of the cast and crew, video archives (60 video clips including interviews), behind-the-scenes and production footage, data archive (Over 3000 stills), 4 different documentaries, digitally remastered special edition directors cut, and a 32-page collectors booklet. In fact, it puts just about every other DVD to shame. DVD Extras Rating: 10/10


An amazing sequel that lives up to the original, and could be argued to be even better.