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Piglet’s Big Movie (2003)

A tale youll never forget

Directed by:

Francis Glebas

Rating: 6/10

Running Time: 75 minutes

UK Certificate: U

Three years after 'The Tigger Movie' bounced hyperactively into cinemas across the globe, it's time for the big screen branch of the 'Winnie the Pooh' franchise to creak into action once more. Only this time, centre stage goes to Piglet, the permanently-worried oinker with the chubbiest cheeks and curliest little tail in the Hundred Acre Wood. Awwwwww. Just look at the little fellah.

For not the first time, things kick off with Pooh Bear feeling rumbly in his tumbly. The good news for Piglet is that Pooh fancies some hunny (sic), and not a plateful of bacon sandwiches. The bad news is that our favourite porker is just too darn ickle to help his chums raid the local beehive. So the Pigster gets left out and, understandably, wanders off in the huff. Oh bother.

What follows is a series of fun-filled crayon-tastic flashbacks as Pooh and the gang use Piglet's self-assembled scrap-book to track down their porcine pal. And, being a bear of very little brain, it takes Pooh a feature-length stroll down memory lane to realise just how good a buddy he's got in reliable ol' Piglet.

Unlike some of the Disney corp's other recent outings, the time positively flies by, which is always a good sign. These modern-day Pooh-tales don't really cut the mustard as far as those of us who've seen and appreciated the originals are concerned, but the ankle-biters in the audience will lap this stuff up. As you'd expect, it's got a far less brash and boisterous feel than the Tigger flick, to the extent that it practically leaks cutesy-pie innocence. That's no bad thing if you're the parent of a pre-school tot looking for a decent way to fill 75 minutes – and you could do much, much worse on the cartoon front this year.

It's Got: Carly Simon doing the honours on the soundtrack.

It Needs: Everyone to say awwwww.


The Tigger Movie


A nice, gentle, unassuming summer movie for the little 'uns.

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