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Heartlands (2003)

Rating: 5/10

Running Time: 98 minutes

UK Certificate: pg

The story of a simple down-trodden man obsessed with darts and order in his life. He pays little proper attention to his wife until she leaves him for the local policeman. He chases her to Blackpool; embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Colin embodies all the qualities of a child- seeing the best in everyone, and happy to settle for the simple things in life. His ‘excitement-free’ existence is turned upside down, when his wife Sandra leaves for Blackpool (the Las Vegas of the North”) with his darts team captain and policeman Geoff. It is only when Sandra leaves that he realises what he had; and it is only when he sets out to get her back that he realises what he had been missing. The people he meets on his journey allow him to see and appreciate different things in life, and re-evaluate his own. One includes Girl Guide leader Sonia, played by the talented Celia Imrie; whose short performance was wonderfully warm. Celia has a magical quality which can captivate any audience.

The performance of Michael Sheen in the role of Colin is so successful that he will drive you to frustration whilst you wait for him to take control of his life and assert himself… but in this film that period of waiting is all part of the fun!

This gentle British comedy is full of humour. Most of it is not ‘side-splitting’; although I’m rather inclined to think it was supposed to be.

Colin spent the early years of his marriage providing his wife with everything she thought she wanted; but for both of them what they had wanted was not enough. Colin opened his eyes to new experiences, and moved his life from one of learning to spin toothbrushes on his fingers in his newsagents, to one of adventure. And you should definitely open your eyes to this film!”

It's Got: A great selection of character types.

It Needs: A lot of the unnecessary scenes removed.


A story that shows there can be so much more to life!