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Predator 2 (2003)

Silent. Invisible. Invincible. He’s in town with a few days to kill.

Rating: 3/10

Running Time: 108 minutes

UK Certificate: 18


Los Angeles, 1997. Riots between rival Colombian and Jamaican drug gangs have turned the streets into a war zone. To make matters worse, there’s a dreadlocked space-baddie picking off passers-by and using their skulls to decorate his front room.

The Predator is back, and it sounds like a job for Arnie. Right! Eh? What’s that? He’s not available? Oh. Who have we got instead then? Danny who? Danny Glover? The bloke from the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movies? Oh, alright then. Suppose he’ll have to do. Still, at least we can still have John McTiernan directing. Sorry? He’s not here either? Stephen Hopkins is just as good though, isn’t he? Isn’t he? Hello?

Bloodshed and swearies become the order of the day as Predders – who, incidentally, hasn’t gotten any prettier – hunts down various ganglords and street thugs from a-top the LA sky-scrapers. As Harrigan, the cop on this inter-galactic ogre’s tail, Danny Glover has to play one of Hollywood’s most worn-out clichés. He’s a loose cannon, prefers to work alone, disobeys the orders of his superiors (particularly when the FBI stick their hooters in), and has probably even been known to break the speed limit on a couple of occasions. Neither originality nor character development are among this movie’s strong points.

Unlike McTiernan’s original, the suspense is limited and the expensive special effects wasted on a director with no clear tactic for how best to use them. If you’re able to stick it out until the end, you do get to see the inside of the Pred’s spacecraft and also his ‘trophy’ collection – which includes the skull of an alien species normally associated with Sigourney Weaver. Much like all of this movie’s better points, it’s difficult to spot.

It's Got: Danny.

It Needs: Arnie.

DVD Extras This disc is currently only available in the UK as part of the ‘Ultimate Predator Collection’ boxset. And, for this movie, there’s only a trailer. DVD Extras Rating: 1/10


Like the Predator itself, this is an ugly and unwelcome movie. A sequel to the original could have been a good idea, but unfortunately it’s a bit of a failure.