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DeForest Kelly (1991)

All the Star Trek movies from I – IX in a boxed set

Rating: 7/10

Running Time: 0 minutes

UK Certificate: 12


It's Got: The Director’s Editions of the first two films.

It Needs: Extras with the later films.

DVD Extras Extras: I – Director’s Edition: Commentary by director Robert Wise, special photographic effects director Douglas Trumbull, special effects supervisor John Dykstra, music composer Jerry Goldsmith and actor Stephen Collins, text commentary by Michael Okuda. II – Director’s Edition: Commentary by director Nicholas Meyer, text commentary by Michael Okuda. III: Theatrical trailer. IV: Directors’ Series featurette on Leonard Nimoy, Theatrical trailer. VI: Teaser trailer, Theatrical trailer. First Contact: Teaser trailer, Theatrical trailer. Insurrection: Behind the Scenes featurette, Teaser trailer, Theatrical trailer. CD- ROM Extras: ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’ preview disc. DVD Extras Rating: 7/10