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Metropolis (1927)

Stylish but Silent look at the Future

Rating: 9/10

Running Time: 121 minutes

UK Certificate: pg


I don't know how many of you will be able to sit through Metropolis. A silent, black and white film seems impossibly dated when compared to the eye candy that we're used to. But if you can sit through its two hours – there's a gem of a film here.

Metropolis tells the story of two worlds; the city of Metropolis with its shining spires and incredible beauty, a utopia where the residents (the Thinkers) are able to live their lives without fear or restraint. Underneath Metropolis, the Workers live in terrible conditions. Even though they built and maintain the city, they are mere slaves to the system.

Ruling Metropolos is Joh Frederson, a tyrant who is fully aware of the explotation of the Workers. Yet his young son, Freder, decides to discover who or what created his beloved city, and ventures beneath Metropolis where he becomes one of the Workers.

Until he meets Maria, an angelic figure who sees the injustice suffered by the Workers.

Led by Maria, the Workers lead a revolt against the city of Metropolis in an attempt to bring the evil tyrant Joh to justice.

Of course you'll want to know about the robot!

The inventor Rotwang has perfected a mechanical man that can look like anyone he chooses. He assures Joh that this will replace the Workers and become the perfect slave of tomorrow. Of course when Joh lays his eyes upon Maria, he demands that the robot takes her appearance, to be his forever.

Do the Workers free themselves from their terrible slavery? Does Joh Frederson get what's coming to him? And what happens to the Robot Futura?

I could tell you, but I think you should watch the film for yourself and find out.

It's Got: A rather bleak but cool view of the future.

It Needs: A remake for the millennium showing how the year 2000 really was.

DVD Extras An entire disk filled with stills, documentaries, makings of, and countless other bits of footage salvaged from the films creation 80 years ago. DVD Extras Rating: 9/10


It's amazing to think that everyone that took part in the creation of this epic is probably dead now. Metropolis was decades ahead of its time. Classy and original, it can stand up amongst the great films of all time. It's a pity that this silent movie with its black and white, grainy quality will never be seen, or appreciated by the general populace.