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Narc (2002)

Violent Crime Drama in Detroit

Rating: 5/10

Running Time: 102 minutes

UK Certificate: 18

I don't really like police-crime movies. I find them entirely too disturbing, and this is one of the worst I've seen. Detective Nick Tellis (Patric) is a disgraced undercover cop cast from the force due to him accidentally killing an innocent woman during a drugs bust. He's recalled to duty to help solve the murder of another officer only after the investigations bureau don't have any leads.

To help him solve the case, Tellis recruits Henry Oak, the murdered officer's ex-partner. Oak is a cop who will do and say anything to get results while Tellis takes a back seat and is more a spectator (he's not even the good cop in this story of lots of bad cops).

As a movie, Narc barely plods along. It doesn't appear to have a suspenseful conclusion and there's very little action. I can't even decide whether this film was about hate, revenge, or just about vindictive cops. Or maybe there was a message in there that I missed.

Either way, I felt this film was fairly pointless. It told a shallow story, taking what was essentially a very simple premise and turning it into something needlessly complicated. The ending seemed entirely pointless, and after nearly two hours of getting there, left me feeling unsatisfied and demanding a whole lot more for my money.

If you like crime movies, violence and loud guns then Narc is for you.

It's Got: Lots of Violence

It Needs: A story; or at least one that doesn’t leave everyone in the audience guessing as to what the movie was really about.


An overly loud movie that didn’t make much sense. Violent and nasty, it deals with the darker side of life, perhaps a side that’s best left buried.