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Author Archives: Andrea Chee

City by the Sea

Crime drama featuring a cop’s dysfunctional family that features a strong cast but needs more conviction.

Tin Cup

Gentle and entertaining romantic sports comedy typical of much of Costner’s work.


Beautifully-made deep and moving story of one man’s struggle with his past and with mental illness.

The Full Monty

Touching and funny British film featuring wonderful characters and a unique story. Not to be missed.

No Way Out

Effective thriller with plenty of twists and turns where little is as it first appears.

A Lesson Before Dying

A gem of a movie that avoids any kind of happy ending and instead concentrates on getting its dramatic message across.

Dirty Pretty Things

Fine London-based drama-thriller that features an outstanding minority cast and illuminates the seedier side of the lives of immigrants.

Blood Work

Rather predictable serial-killer thriller with a substandard ending. One for Clint’s fans.

The Bodyguard

Superficial but pleasant romantic thriller that lacks substance but has a certain charm. It shouldn’t work but somehow gets away with it.

A Perfect World

Outstanding but oft-overlooked character drama that deserves to reach a much wider audience. Well worth watching.