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Author Archives: John Guzdek

The Day the Earth Stood Still

A pointless remake that’s ruined by trying to bring it up to date. At least Keanu Reeves found his perfect role as a man with no personality.

Shadow Dancer

A nicely low-key take on an interesting point in the Northern Ireland situation that engages but doesn’t quite push the envelope when it should.


Intelligent, well-acted and just complex enough, Looper is the best time-travel movie since Back to the Future.

The Silent House

An ambitious Uruguayan horror with a climax that rivals ‘it was all a dream’ as the mother of all endings.

The Sweeney

More Hot Fuzz than credible cop thriller, The Sweeney is a long list of missed opportunities. If you desperately want to watch cops behaving badly, tune into the classic TV show on UK Gold instead.

The Possession

Just because a demon possessing a little girl is of a different religious denomination, it doesn’t mean it’s original. Exorcism, schmexorcism.

Cell 211

A gripping prison drama with a slew of twists from Spain that has it’s flaws but remains well worth a watch nonetheless.

The Expendables 2

More of the same harmless killing and mostly intentional humour from this geriatric band of mercenaries. Obviously not for everyone.

Keith Lemon: The Film

It doesn’t matter if you get Keith Lemon or not, this is still one of the worst films of 2012. Bring on the apocalypse.


An animated coming of age tale of a young Iranian girl – doesn’t sound all that? Give it a try, it’s awesome.