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Death of a Man in the Balkans

A good idea with great characters that’s not quite got enough mileage in it to stop you from getting bored. Interestingly, it’s seems much more of a chore to watch at the beginning than at the end.


You can’t get any darker than this excellent British black comedy that immerses you in a holiday that’s much more interesting than yours.


Craig and Mendes put in an above average turn in the Bond series. Some great action sequences sit uneasily next to some extremely mediocre ones but the story and the fascinating bunch of characters keep things interesting.


Gareth Edwards has created an understated and enjoyable sci-fi movie that doesn’t feel the need to pander to the staples of the aliens-on-earth-genre. Strangely, a film that’s more about people than monsters. Deep, man, deep.

Le Havre

A unmistakable Aki Kaurismäki vehicle that’s likeable, amusing and intriguing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite have the momentum to take it past ‘that was nice’ territory.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

A pointless remake that’s ruined by trying to bring it up to date. At least Keanu Reeves found his perfect role as a man with no personality.

Shadow Dancer

A nicely low-key take on an interesting point in the Northern Ireland situation that engages but doesn’t quite push the envelope when it should.


Intelligent, well-acted and just complex enough, Looper is the best time-travel movie since Back to the Future.

The Silent House

An ambitious Uruguayan horror with a climax that rivals ‘it was all a dream’ as the mother of all endings.

The Possession

Just because a demon possessing a little girl is of a different religious denomination, it doesn’t mean it’s original. Exorcism, schmexorcism.