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Cell 211

A gripping prison drama with a slew of twists from Spain that has it’s flaws but remains well worth a watch nonetheless.

The Expendables 2

More of the same harmless killing and mostly intentional humour from this geriatric band of mercenaries. Obviously not for everyone.


An animated coming of age tale of a young Iranian girl – doesn’t sound all that? Give it a try, it’s awesome.

In the Loop

A political comedy for the masses that’s funny, clever and pitched just right. Definitely don’t watch if you’re offended by harsh language but, In the words of Malcolm Tucker, Christ on a bendy-bus. Don’t be such a f****** faff arse.


Watchable but not good. 360 is a very unconvincing story of love and relationships strung together by a very forced concept.


Both novel and worn this comedy from the Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane is just too predictable and unfunny.

Raging Bull

Scorsese and De Niro at their best together in this rousing and depressing boxing biopic. A masterpiece.

The Dark Knight Rises

Certainly a great action spectacle but this time it’s a slightly flawed cinematic event from Christopher Nolan.

Piranha 3DD

If you’re a fan of so-bad-it’s-good then this will be right up your street. It’s enjoyable naffness that’s to be taken with an ocean’s worth of salt.

Escape To Victory

So bad it’s good. Unless you don’t like war films, Sly Stallone or football. In which case, what is wrong with you?