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Category Archives: Thriller

The Possession

Just because a demon possessing a little girl is of a different religious denomination, it doesn’t mean it’s original. Exorcism, schmexorcism.

Cell 211

A gripping prison drama with a slew of twists from Spain that has it’s flaws but remains well worth a watch nonetheless.

Horrible Bosses

A genuinely funny movie with some great comic performances from, dare I say it, the likes of Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston.

The Dark Knight Rises

Certainly a great action spectacle but this time it’s a slightly flawed cinematic event from Christopher Nolan.

Piranha 3DD

If you’re a fan of so-bad-it’s-good then this will be right up your street. It’s enjoyable naffness that’s to be taken with an ocean’s worth of salt.

Mulholland Dr.

Still recovering from the mild stroke I suffered whilst watching this very complex thriller from master-of-that-kind-of-thing David Lynch. An excellent movie if you give it your full attention.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Defying the laws of the threequel Die Hard: With A Vengeance is an original and enjoyable action thriller that may have even come close to the original. Yipee-kay-8-out-of-ten.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

A sequel that’s better than the original thanks to excellent plot progression, characters to care about and one almighty action scene. Incidentally, if you have a leather fetish then this is the best film you’ll be able to find outside of your local Erotic City.

The Skin I Live In

The Skin I Live In might not be Pedro Almodavar’s best but it’s certainly a dark and delightful watch that provides surprises and stylish cinematography. It’s also got Antonio Banderas in excellent form.

The Great Escape

To many, The Great Escape is more important to Christmas than Jesus, and this entertaining World War Two prison break movie deserves to be. Great characters, action and putting-it-up-Jerry makes John Sturges’ movie a classic war movie.