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Mimic 2 (2001)

The genetically-modified cockroaches return and this time they want a queen

Rating: 5/10

Running Time: 79 minutes

UK Certificate: 15


Alix Koromzay from the first Mimic film returns to reprise the role of Remi in this slash and splatter sci-fi horror film. In the original film, she was assistant to one of the biologists that developed the original mimic bugs. The bugs were created in response to a cockroach-spread plague that was killing children in New York, designed to mimic the infected cockroaches and infiltrate their environment to wipe them out. However, they mutated to mimic their greatest threat – humankind.

Believed to have been killed off at the end of the first film, they return again now, but this time they need a queen if they are to breed. For this purpose they have apparently chosen Remi and are trying to get to her. She has left the Center for Disease Control, and now works as a school teacher, where she passes on her interest in insects and their lifecycles to her biology students. As the death toll around Remi rises, Detective Klaski (Bruno Campos) becomes involved as he pursues the unknown killer. Although his colleagues believe that Remi herself is carrying out the killings, Klaski is not so sure.

This film about genetically-modified bugs is a weak follow-up to the original. At 79 minutes it is short, but even so it really still fails to fill the time satisfactorily. It doesn't really explain how the mimics have survived or move the story along from that of the first film. Alix Koromzay produces the strongest performance, as the socially dysfunctional Remi, although as a character there is little development for her in the plot. Unfortunately, the films biggest failing is that the mimics are not particularly frightening – the filmmakers are clearly aiming for the 'Alien' effect, but the threat posed by these particular monsters fails to produce the kind of chills and threat that is intended.

It's Got: Plenty of slime and creepy crawlies.

It Needs: To make more of the threat and generate some real fear.

DVD Extras A small but interesting collection of extras accompany this single-disc release. Extras: Days of Mimic 2, Behind the sound, Deleted scenes. DVD Extras Rating: 5/10


This is a competently-made sci-fi horror flick, but it lacks surprises and as a result doesn’t always manage to build genuine tension.