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The Godfather DVD Collection

Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece collected into a box set

Rating: 10/10

Running Time: 523 minutes

UK Certificate: 18


The Godfather” trilogy is the story of the Corleone mafia family and explores the way their place in American society changes over time. In the first film, Marlon Brando stars as the respected mafia don Vito Corleone. In his time, there are several powerful mafia families, and the film deals with the conflicts between them and their effects on the Corleone family. It is also Vito’s responsibility to ensure a smooth transition of power to his successor and, after the death of his eldest son, it is Vito’s youngest, Michael (Al Pacino), who becomes the new head of the family.

“Part II” is actually two stories intertwined. One continues from where “The Godfather” left off, showing how Michael has taken up the challenge of leading the family after Vito’s death. Michael’s purpose is to protect the family while building up their influence in wider markets such as Las Vegas and even Cuba. The second story in the film is a look back at the life of young Vito (Robert De Niro) before the events of “The Godfather”, exploring how he became the influential man of his later years.

“Part III” concludes the story of Don Michael. Times are changing, and so is Michael – now he has sold his illegal businesses and is trying to succeed in legitimate business instead. However, he finds that it can be very difficult to leave the past behind. Now that he is getting older, like his father he too now also faces the responsibility of making sure that the family is in safe hands when he can no longer lead.

The first two films in the collection are as close to perfect as it’s possible to get. The third is unfortunately weaker, but is still an outstanding film in its own right. Together however they make up the most remarkable trilogy made to date.

Wonderful casting, great direction, stylish cinematography and a strong script all go together to weave an enchanting story. Combined in a collection with a whole slew of extras, including much-appreciated commentaries by Coppola with all three films, the set is a must-have in any DVD collection.

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It's Got: An epic story immaculately told.

It Needs: The third film to be as perfect as the first two.

DVD Extras In the UK these three films are only available as part of this five-disc box set, with a full disc of extras. Extras: Directors commentary, The Godfather Family, On location, Francis Coppolas notebook, Music of, Coppola and Puzo on screenwiting, Gordon Wills on cinematography, Storyboards, Behind the scenes, Additional scenes/chronology, Character and cast biographies, Filmmaker biographies, Photo galleries, Theatrical trailers, Academy Award acceptance speeches, List of awards and nominations, Network TV introduction. DVD Extras Rating: 10/10


Although the third film is a little weaker than the other two, as a collection this trilogy can't be beaten.