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The Foreigner (2003)

If they think they can stop him, theyre dead wrong.

Rating: 3/10

Running Time: 92 minutes

UK Certificate: 15


Steven Seagal stars as Jon Cold, a former 'foreigner' or deep cover operative, who now works as a freelance agent. He is frequently commissioned to deliver high-risk packages. As he prepares for his father's funeral, he is asked to take on one more assignment. Cold is keen to leave the business, but reluctantly accepts the job. His task is to take a mysterious package from France to a man in Germany. However, Cold will soon find that there are a lot of people determined to prevent him doing so.

When Cold and Dunoir (Max Ryan) arrive at the farmhouse where they are to pick up the package, they are attacked. Cold decides to continue with the assignment, heading for Poland for his father's funeral before continuing on to Germany. The package turns out to contain a 'black box' flight recorder from an aircraft that has been suspiciously downed, and the recipient – sinister tycoon Jerome Van Aken (Harry Van Gorkum) – has a vested interest in its whereabouts. Once he arrives in Germany, Cold discovers that he is being pursued by various agents and assassins, while Van Aken's wife Meredith (Anna- Louise Plowman) also seems to want to get hold of the package.

Steven Seagal rarely looks like an action star these days, but audiences might forgive this for old times' sake if the rest of the movie lived up to expectations. Sadly this is not the case with 'The Foreigner'. The plot is convoluted and confusing, characters seem to come and go without leaving a mark, and it isn't even clear sometimes who the bad guys are. The fight scenes are a let-down with Seagal looking slow and heavy, made worse by poor editing and overuse of the slow and fast motion techniques that are all the rage in action films lately.

It's Got: Some interesting European locations.

It Needs: To be overlooked in favour of The Transporter.

DVD Extras Only trailers with this basic single-disc release. Extras: Trailers. DVD Extras Rating: 1/10


A confused actioner where even the fight sequences don't always make sense – it has little to recommend it.