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Free Enterprise (1998)

Captain Kirk saves the day once more

Rating: 7/10

Running Time: 109 minutes

UK Certificate: 15


Rafer Weigel and Eric McCormack play two young and geeky hopeful filmmakers who are trying to get funding for a script featuring a serial killer pursuing the girls from 'The Brady Bunch'. They have any number of the problems commonly afflicting young geeks, not least of which is how to find a girl who is both a real looker and likes comic books.

Along the way they are amazed to meet their hero, William Shatner of Star Trek fame, perusing the pornographic magazines in a store. Hero-worshippers of Captain Kirk, who they've always imagined as knowing how to deal with any crisis, the two young filmmakers are shocked to discover that 'Bill' is a normal man with the same kind of problems they themselves have. In the meantime, Bill has a dream of his own – a rap version of Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'.

An unusual film, it explores the relationship between the two young filmmakers and their hero. Rafel Weigel and Eric McCormack do a workmanlike job with their roles, although when they are referring to all things geeky their passion can sometimes be less than convincing. William Shatner is particularly appealing, given that he appears to have decided to poke fun at himself and do it with good grace. Geeks will have endless fun spotting the references to cult films liberally scattered throughout the film. And 'No Tears for Caesar' just has to be seen to be believed.

It's Got: William Shatner in fine form, all the more appealing because he’s poking fun at himself.

It Needs: The actors to really believe in the geek references as they say them.

DVD Extras A fine collection of several hours-worth of extras. The music video is particularly amusing.

Extras: Trailer, 2 TV spots, Writer, director and editor commentary, Deleted scenes, Making Of featurette, Screen tests, Main cast and crew biographies and filmographies, Production notes, Ebionics – glossary of Free Enterprise phrases.

Music Video: ‘No Tears for Caesar’ – William Shatner and Rated R DVD Extras Rating: 8/10


This is a surprisingly amusing movie, quirky and full of absurdities. Ordinary audiences will find it funny – sci-fi fans will find it utterly hilarious. A romantic comedy for geeks.