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Author Archives: Andrea Chee

Dirty Pretty Things

Fine London-based drama-thriller that features an outstanding minority cast and illuminates the seedier side of the lives of immigrants.

The Pillow Book

This stunning and exotic story of love, death and immortality is amongst director Peter Greenaway's better work.

Real Women Have Curves

Outstandingly touching, funny and genuine story of women on the verge of discovering themselves. Proof that indy filmmakers can still produce cinematic gems.

Prince of Central Park

Above-average adolescent drama that may appeal to adults as well.


Gritty and raw but appealing and even entertaining examination of wasted lives and drug addiction. Not to be missed.

I Spy

Fairly typical lightweight Eddie Murphy fare that fails to capture the sparkle of his early work. Funny in parts, and with occasionally good action, the film makes for a reasonably entertaining diversion.

Queen's Messenger

Low budget actioner with little to recommend it. Fans of Gary Daniels will enjoy seeing him fight, of course.


This touching and charming drama is largely a vehicle for Jodie Foster, who doesn't disappoint.

Sweet Home Alabama

Pleasant romantic comedy that is well executed but provides little that is unexpected.

Bhaji on the Beach

Enjoyable entry into the strong ranks of British-made Asian comedy dramas that will entertain far beyond the Asian community.