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Category Archives: Thriller

The Cold Light of Day

It’s got all the right ingedients for a successful thriller but unfortunately all the ingredients have came from a compost heap frequented by two girls with a cup.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a well-worn concept done fairly well but it’s a bit confused by who it’s target audience is. Basically this sanitised Battle Royale is like Twilight, if everyone decided to kill each other.

Mad Max

Plenty of stunts, memorable scenes and pre-alcohol-Brit-bashing Mel Gibson makes this revenge thriller a winner. A little dated when seen today but George Miller has to get credit for getting there first and on a small budget too.

The Devil Inside

This made-for-Bolivian TV faux found footage horror is about as scary as Bingo and original as white paint.

The Woman in Black

This hasn’t made Daniel Radcliffe any cooler but it’s a serviceable haunted house horror that you wouldn’t stop your tweenage kids going to see.

The Hunger

Very stylish and with some things to think about too, Tony Scott’s debut is one of the best, most substantial vampire movies out there. Bar the messy ending, of course.


This throwaway hit is a refreshingly different and intriguing take on the superhero concept. A great effort by a bunch of big screen newcomers.


If you can see past the awful dialogue, horrifically cliched characters and terrible writing, you might just be entertained enough to enjoy this cult sc-fi precursor to Saw.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

If you want to see lovely attention to detail and a wonderfully grim portrayal of the Seventies then go see this. But for entertainment and an intriuiging plot you should probably stay away.

One for the Money

For once, this below par rom-com chick flick is no reason here to crucify Katherine Heigl as she does her perky best with the flimsy material at her disposal. Not quite as fun and likeable as the makers and the fans of the books would have been hoping for.