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The Boondock Saints

The ridiculous and over-the-top nature of two Irish lads living the American wet dream is both the making of and the downfall of The Boondock Saints. Definitely one for the love-it or hate-it category.

In Time

The main advantage of living in this dystopian future where most people die at 25 would be that I would have died before being made to watch this movie. In Time certainly doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace fails to live up to the potential of Daniel Craig’s first outing and is so depressing that afterwards you may want to drown kittens for a bit of light relief.


Intelligent, entertaining and unsentimental, Contagion is a skillfully put together apocalyptic tale that loses momentum slightly towards the end.

Johnny English Reborn

Despite having some amusing moments, Johnny English is too sanitised and features too much unfunny slapstick to appeal to even a semi-sophisticated audience. Hopefully it’s not the death knell for Rowan Atkinson.

Killer Elite

A standard conspiracy thriller that looks great but doesn’t really deliver on entertainment value. Gary McKendry does succeed in making watching Killer Elite feel just like stepping back in time to Britain in the grim 1980s though.

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Possibly the best adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Excellent performances, a haunting atmosphere and a unique take on the famous novel from Werner Herzog is just enough to give it the edge.


Twilight heart-throb Taylor Lautner’s breakout role is poorly acted and directed and it’s likely to be showing on the Disney channel pretty soon.

Cowboys and Aliens

Ultimately soulless and devoid of any of the laughs that could have saved it, Cowboys and Aliens has an interesting idea but is poorly executed by Favreau. Didn’t make me Yee-ha once – so disappointed.

Blood Diamond

An African adventure with a heart and a questionable accent. Definitely, more fun and less depressing than watching an informercial, bru.